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Full-service rock climbing, canyoneering and adventure hiking in the Rocky Mountains and Canyonlands of Colorado - PCIA Certified

Rock Climbing Classes, Self-Rescue Instruction, Rappelling

Beginner Rock Climbing   (1 or 2 day course)
Day 1: Experience a comprehensive introduction to rock climbing and rappelling. You'll climb routes that challenge you while you learn the essential knots, how to belay and rappel, how to use the equipment, communications and safety practices.
Day 2: Develop your climbing technique on longer rock climbs, learn additional skills and reinforce the skills you'll need to become a better climber. Rates

Intermediate Rock Climbing   (2 day course recommended)
You're familiar with the basics - the next step on the way to self-reliance is to be a safe and competent climbing partner. Learn how to place protection and build anchors; concepts of leading, safety and efficiency on multi-pitch climbs; self-rescue; and expand your climbing technique. Basic course or equivalent required. Rates

Advanced/Lead Climbing   (2 day course recommended)
Gain confidence on the "sharp end of the rope" as we learn about essential leading skills and principles: protection and anchors; routefinding; impact forces and lead falls; strategies for saving time and energy. Intermediate course or equivalent experience required. Rates

Top-rope & single-pitch climbing - Unaweep Canyon, Colorado National Monument
If you want to hone your climbing skills on a variety of climbing challenges and rock types without all the added complexity of gear, rappelling, etc., enjoy a day of top-roping. You get maximum time on the rock with minimum time spent on technical aspects. For more experience in placement and removal of gear, follow the leader and clean single pitches - this is the best way to learn good gear placements, in preparation for multi-pitch climbs and learning to lead climb. Rates

Sport climbing - Unaweep Canyon sandstone
Learn the technical aspects of lead climbing and toproping bolted sport routes: how to properly clip bolts, what to do when you reach the anchor, creating toprope anchors, rope management, cleaning and descending a pitch... all while enjoying the new classics in Unaweep Canyon. Rates

Self-Rescue   (1-2 day course)
• A climber rappels onto a knot in the rope late in the afternoon; he doesn't know how to unweight his jammed rappel device and transfer his weight to a friction knot so he can untangle the rope; after two hours hanging in his harness, the climber is near-hypothermic and dangerously close to unconsciousness by the time Search & Rescue personnel can assist him to the ground. • A lead climber falls and is injured; her partner does not know how to escape the belay and climb the rope to assist her; it is many hours before they are rescued and the leader suffers permanent limb damage from prolonged impaired circulation • It can happen to anyone - a fall, a sudden change in weather. Learn the skills to prevent a climbing mishap from becoing a disaster: friction knots, belay escape, raising and lowering an injured climber, mechanical advantage systems, assisted rappel, and more. Rates

Five-Day Intensive   Instruction And Guided Climbs (5 days)
Go from beginner to intermediate or from intermediate to advanced as we spend five days training and climbing the crags in western Colorado. This course is designed to fit your specific training needs and recreational goals. Rates

Would you like to experience the thrill of going over the edge of a cliff but don't have the time or inclination for a rock climbing class? Within minutes of Grand Junction and Fruita, you can safely get vertical while enjoying the spectacular views in Colorado National Monument. We ease you into it with the first rappel, a gradual cruise over a rounded slope.The finale is a 150-foot rappel with a free-hanging swing into an overhanging alcove. Two or more hours, time depends on number of people. Rates

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Rock Climbing Instruction, Self-Rescue Instruction, Rappelling

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