Learning to rock climb
Rock Ciimbing Class in Unaweep Canyon Colorado

lead climbing classes
Kris Hjelle leading a sandstone
crack climb

lead climbing classes
Colorado National

Gateway Canyons Resort
The Palisade, Gateway, Colorado


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Full-service rock climbing, canyoneering and adventure hiking guides and instructors in the Rocky Mountains and Canyonlands of Colorado - PCIA Certified

Group rates available for many activities
One person
Each Additional person
Rock Climbing Instruction, Self-Rescue, Rappelling

$150/half day

$75/half day
Intermediate • Advanced • Self-Rescue
  Toprope, single pitch, sport
Guided Rock Climbing
  Five-Day Intensive
  Independence Monument
  Unaweep Canyon Multi-Pitch Climbs
Canyoneering, Scenic Hikes, Multi-Sport
  Canyoneering Intro Half Day
  Canyoneering Intro Full Day
  Backpacking Dominguez Canyon

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Rock Climbing Instruction, Self-Rescue Instruction, Rappelling

Guided Rock Climbing

Canyoneering, Scenic Hikes, Multi-Sport

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Canyon in Colorado
Chimney Squeeze in Colorado National Monument